Streamline adding new contacts after meetings

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Adding people from a meeting to an organization after a sales meeting seems like a fundamental and super common thing. It also seems like it would be relatively easy to automate this from the calendar view (add all participants as contacts and attach to an organization).

Currently it seems like the only ways to do this are to

  1. One-by-one manually add them from the activity on the calendar. This is painfully inefficient and I think also initially adds their email as the First Name, which corrupts our data in our marketing email platform.
  2. Get them into a spreadsheet (also painfully inefficient) and import. However the import tool seems to be broken? See screenshot.


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    Hi @andynmartin,

    Indeed it does look like something is off with this import example, this is not expected. I would recommend reaching out to our support team with this issue so we can take a look at your spreadsheet and investigate further!

    Regarding adding new contacts from an activity, the 2 ways you suggested are the best ways we offer at the moment, however, I would be happy to pass this along as feedback. Additionally, you can always add this suggestion in the Ideas and Product feedback section of the Community so other users can upvote it!

    I was testing for a workaround on my end and what I did was add an organization to the activity so that the activity was viewable in the organization detail view, and then I added these new contacts from there with the "add contact" option. Once they were new contacts, I used the activity to reference who I needed to link to the organization. Although this isn't a perfect workaround and will still require manual steps, adding the contacts from the organization detail view may be more efficient when also trying to link people to the organization-

    Alternatively, adding the person contacts to a spreadsheet with the organizations listed as well and then importing would eliminate the need to manually link the new contacts to the organization and may be more efficient if you are adding/linking a lot of new contacts. I hope this helps!