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I recently came across a supplier who had a hyperlink within the email that said "click here to confirm receipt". The receiver clicks which then confirms with the sender that they received the specific email sent.

This would be brilliant to add as an option with Pipedrive - esspecially useful for returning key documents and/or invoicing. Can this be built?

Before anyone mentions the the regular "link click review tool" is not great for spam filters and is not always accurate.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Leo thanks for the feedback! Link tracking is already available with email sync, though it doesn’t work in the specific way you described. I’ll mark your post as feedback for our product team so other members can comment on and upvote it.

  • Leo
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    Hi Manuel,

    Link tracking is good but not a fantastic feature and not useful for this particular usage.

    a) many business clients filter it as spam
    b) It doesn't work enough of the time for it to be trusted as a tool

    My suggestion is a specific link the receiver clicks on (e.g. when you send a quote) so they can confirm, if the choose to, they have received your email.

    Thanks for moving to feedback.