Issue with Outlook Calendar & UTC Syncing

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Hi Everyone,

This issue has been discussed several times from multiple users (see below). Time is being shown in UTC in outlook with the incorrect time. It is also showing the wrong time with calendar invites to the clients.

We keep getting referred to support who basically say that it's an issue with outlook.

We never had this problem with Hubspot and I can see other software that sunc calendars with outlook have had the same issue but they managed to resolve it.

Can someone at Pipedrive please take ownership of this and have it fixed. If the calendars do not sync properly without manual intervention, then it makes the whole thing useless.


P.S. This is across all of our users.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @MBrown thank you for the feedback!

    Our engineers have looked into the matter, and though it seems simple at first sight, there's a technical obstacle affecting this behavior from Microsoft's side. Our team raised a a feature request ticket for Microsoft that you can find, comment and upvote here.

    We will continue investigating the matter, and I have converted your post to a feedback post so more users can upvote and share their experience with this particular behavior in this thread. I also recommend that you check out this past conversation where members discuss a few workarounds.

  • MBrown
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    @Manuel Oliveira Thanks Manuel, I have seen this before. Unfortunately, in case you are not aware, the chances of the Microsoft Dev team even looking at that page let alone responding to it are about 0.000000001%