Visibility of activities not working as expected

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I have set visibility for Leads / Deals as well as Organisations and Contacts to whole organisations. However, (planned) activities are not visible to everybody. Can you please fix this?


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey hey @Marc12345 👋

    Activity visibility is dependent on the visibility of the items linked to it. For someone to see the activities, they also need to see the deal/lead/person/organization linked to that activity - if all of these are set to "entire company" then everyone should see everything. If not, then it's likely one of those items is causing the activity to not appear for someone.

    However, if this is not the case and the people in question can see everything linked to the activity but not see the actual activity, then please reach out to the Support team so they can check this further! Oh and I'd say also to check if the filter is being applied correctly (maybe it's a filter that is hiding the activities someone wants to see)