"Log call as" feature defaults to an existing irrelevant activity

Tom Bush
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Hi all,

We have come across an issue with the desktop call logging feature and I haven't yet found a way to modify it's behaviour. Has anyone else come across it and have a solution?

Our scenario is as follows:

From a Deal in the desktop browser. Person A initiates a call to their mobile using the standard Pipedrive call feature.

When the call is finished, there is a pop-up on the desktop giving you the option to save the call as a completed Activity and add notes.

Our issue is that the pop-up, by default, selects an existing activity. This is even if the existing activity was assigned to Person B and was not a call but a task. ("test 2" in the screenshot)

The result is, that if the caller, Person A, is not paying close attention (which often happens) and just presses "Save and close", the task for Person B is marked as done. Hence, the reminder to do a potentially important task is lost and never completed.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Tom Bush , this behavior is intentional. But I see what you mean, I have noted your feedback and moved it to the Ideas and Product Feedback section for appreciation.

  • Alexander Crump
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    @Tom Bush I'm experiencing this problem too, are you free to discuss? Connect with me on LinkedIn here. Thanks!