How to make all (relevant) data fields are visible within a deal

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Dear all,

I have created the following datafield as custom fields

I now would like to show all of them in a deal. That's why I marked "Lead/deal add view" with the relevant fields:

However, when I click on a deal I still see this (so only a fraction of the data fields).

Any thoughts on what I should change to get to see all data fields?


  • Guy P
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    Simple solution.

    1. Go to ^Details.
    2. Look to the right for 3 lines that look like an inverted pyramid.
    3. Click on the pyramid.
    4. All fields should be displayed.


    • If the pyramid background is blue, then only filled-in fields will be displayed.
    • If the pyramid background is clear, then all fields will be displayed.
    • This is true for inverted pyramids in Leads, Deals, People, and Organizations.
    • I assume this is true everywhere you find an inverted pyramid.

    Good luck!