Importing Leads CVS - Organization Problem

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Dear Pipedrive Community,

When I import new points of contact and leads into Pipedrive, it is creating new organizations. I then have, for example, four new "proctor & gamble" companies, when I only want to create new deals and points of contact with their email, number etc. under the existing organization?

How can we prevent this error?

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  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @arprice

    To avoid creating duplicate Organisations, its best to use the existing Organisation ID exported from Pipedrive, then map the new contacts to the Organisations. This way the contact will be linked to the Org and Pipedrive wont create a new Org record. To create new Deals via import, add a column in your excel sheet "Deal Title" then input against each row the name of the deal - this can be whatever you like.