Changelog for phone calls triggered by mobile app without an activity


Current Situation:

Currently, we often call customers without creating an activity, which complicates tracking for the realization team. However, it is crucial to track that someone made a call to the customer.


We need a changelog in the customer details that records calls made via the button in the mobile app. This log should capture call details similarly to how stage changes are logged (what happened, when, and by whom).


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Martin Krajčír 👋

    If you are using the web-to-mobile option, then the call automatically logs in both the web version and the mobile app version, if this is the case, maybe the call logging option needs to be enabled in your mobile app, more information here:

    From the tests I made on my side, the difference between the mobile app vs the web version is that the mobile app does not track attempted calls (where the person didn't pick up the phone) and, in that case, an activity would need to manually be created. But an activity is always created when someone picks up the phone which is then visible in the "all" section of a deal.

    If you are having a different behavior, I'd say it's worth reaching out to Support so the team can see if everything is ok. If you mean to just have the information as the changelog shows and not an activity, in that case, I'd say that's product feedback and you share that idea in the "ideas and product feedback" section :)

  • Martin Krajčír
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    Hi @Andreia Costa

    Your solution does not create a relevant changelog; it only creates activity. There is one good function in the Pipedrive web app that allows making calls via phone. However, this feature is also useless because calls from the web to mobile can only be made from the contact details and not directly from the activity or deal. As a result, the call and relevant activity are not linked with any deal and must be managed manually. This action is often forgotten, which becomes problematic when you have many deals with one contact person. See my screenshots for more details.

    Nobody on the team wants to use calls from the mobile app because the sales team needs to work on a PC and take notes during the call.