Feature to add Activity details/content in Deal overview columns


Hi PD dev team,

In recent conversation with your support (Sierra in March and today with Nikolaos) I raised the impact for the (seemingly) simple feature of being able to add Activity (content) to a Deal/Person/Organization report column.

At this point in time it's only possible to add

  • activities to do (count)
  • done activities (count)
  • last activity (date)
  • next activity (date)
  • total activities (count)

Rather than having these numeric metrics/columns I want to include the actual activity details, as in: what is the next activity/step (in qualitative terms, not quantitative).

Is this something you can push in the dev roadmap, the value would be huge.

*Attached printscreen with visualisation.
To work around this I created a custom field with "Next steps" for our team but as you can imagine this creates a double/inconsistent workload. The activity feature is great but I wish to report/overview with those details.

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