Did Pipedrive Support change?

Paige Pennigar
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I used to be very impressed with the support chat (someone would answer my questions in a reasonable amount of time). I have a fairly urgent need (the email tool is down and it's something with Pipedrive, not my email). I went to chat with support and only am given a bot option, with no ability to type anything - only options to select different topics, none of which are remotely related to my issue. We have been struggling with Pipedrive functionality for a while now and this possible change in their support structure only fuels the fire for us to head elsewhere.


  • Sophie
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    Hi @Paige Pennigar,

    We're sorry to hear that you have been having trouble getting in contact with our support team.

    We did have a slight adjustment in April that affected support but it does not look like this is the reason for the issue you described.

    You can view our support information here- https://support.pipedrive.com/contact-us

    If you are having an email sync issue, you should select the option "syncs" when prompted by the bot. It's important to select the correct topic and continue with the bot prompts to get you connected to the correct department! This will ensure you get the support you need as efficiently as possible! Unfortunately, if you do not select any topic, you will not be connected with support.

    Depending on the support volume on the day you reach out, it could take some time to get a reply but if you need to log offline and you have not been connected to support yet, someone will follow up with you via email!

    I hope this helps to clarify a bit further!