Be Careful When Trying a Higher Plan with a Trial !!!

Martin Krajčír
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Never use the upgrade option for a trial of a higher plan. The Pipedrive support and sales teams deceive customers. I could not downgrade from the higher trial back to my previously paid yearly plan. I had to pay extra costs when the higher plan trial did not solve my issue, despite sending multiple feedbacks about why it is not a proper technical solution. The support team and manager just say, "Pay for the downgrade, we have changed the pricing, or keep the higher plan." No further discussion or attempts to resolve the customer dissatisfaction were made.


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Martin Krajčír!

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

    The reason this happens is that when pricing changes occur for our plans, once this gets disconnected from the account even if temporarily, our system automatically enforces current pricing when there is a new connection to that plan. While we understand this might not be expected at first, we make sure to advise our users about this change every time a change is about to be made in their accounts, with a warning message that looks like this:

    With this, we ensure that our users are not caught by surprise if they decide to downgrade back to their previous plan.

    That said, we once more appreciate your feedback and will reassess this internally when suitable.

    Thank you.

  • Martin Krajčír
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    Hi @Leonardo Zimmermann
    I would accept it if I had a monthly plan selected. Unfortunately, I have a yearly subscription that was already paid. There was no reason to charge extra for rolling back to my plan if the offered trial did not fit my needs. Unfortunately, customer support did nothing but offer one big "sorry, keep it or go away." That is awful care for long-term customers.