“To be successful in sales you have to be a sneaky, untrustworthy person.” Do you agree? Or is it ju

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When asked what a ‘typical’ salesperson looks or sounds like, some people might dream up visions of The Wolf Of Wall Street - cunning, deceptive and untrustworthy. But we know (and you know) that this is a myth. 

A great salesperson develops authentic relationships, understands and meets customer needs, and knows and trusts their own product. 

Other common myths you may face in  your sales career are:

  • The best salespeople talk a lot. This is a myth because, in reality, the best salespeople are skilled in active listening and can adopt a selling technique that requires a two way conversation.
  • Cold calling doesn’t work. In fact, it does, but only when implemented strategically and with the correct tools. 
  • You should always be closing. While this may have once been considered a plausible piece of advice, modern sales techniques show that it is much more helpful to guide a buyer through the buying process, and only sell them what they truly will benefit from. 

There are, unfortunately, quite a few myths floating around about salespeople and the role - we asked the experts to explore some of the biggest sales myths in more detail.

Which sales myths frustrate you the most, and how do you overcome them?