3 Questions on bulk emailing

Claire Devereux
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Does anyone know:

1. Any way to set up an automatic reminder to follow up on an email that has been sent (preferably in bulk emailing)?

2: If you can get a report/filter on which emails have been read or links clicked so that you can see in bulk without having to go to individual contacts?

3: Can you set up an automated action/response based on whether someone opened/clicked a link in an email?

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  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    There is no straightforward answer but this can be done using a combination of few tools.

    ActiveCampaign (affiliate link) comes to mind.

    1. Add a custom field to a deal, say 'Bulk Email'.
    2. Trigger an event when you update the value of this field to say 'Send'.
      1. Zapier: The action would be to add this person in a workflow in ActiveCampaign.
      2. Pipedrive Automation: The action would be to create an activity for checking on the email status.
    3. Create another Field called Bulk Email Opened in the Deal.
    4. Update it when an open and click is tracked in ActiveCampaign.
      1. You can set up the automated action/response here from ActiveCampaign.
    5. Create a filter in Pipedrive to filter these deals.

    Side note: There is a lot of discussion going on in the industry right now whether marketers should track email opens and clicks at the user-level.

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  • Jan Visser_342
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    For the first piece - I have created a custom activity called "Response Check". With workflow or Zapier (I forgot which one I used).

    - Users create activity to send customer an email
    - once marked as done, workflow triggers creation of new activity called "response check" for today +5 days or something

    Email is not well integrated, not in terms of technology but also not in terms of workflow - so it's a bit of shuffling the cards around until you get what you need. 

  • Vengat Krishnaraj
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    Hey @Claire Devereux

    You can check Klenty for this purpose. It is a sales engagement tool that can help sales teams send personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale and it also has very good integration with  Pipedrive.

    If you’re a Klenty+Pipedrive user, you should be able auto import contacts to Klenty and start the email campaigns automatically. 

    Using Klenty’s ‘Triggers & Actions' you will be able to create advanced workflows that allows you to record all email engagement data back in Pipedrive.

    For example, in your case, if a prospect opens, reads or clicks your email, you can automate activities like follow up cadences to reach them. 

    You can also get a complete report on all email engagement activities like opens, clicks and replies. 

    You will be able to create workflow actions in Pipedrive like creating a new lead or moving a deal to a new stage, etc based on the triggers in Klenty like email opens, clicks, replies etc without any Zapier integration. 

    Do check out Klenty in Pipedrive marketplace here for more details and read the user reviews.


    Hope this helps you :)