55 Essential Sales Statistics for 2020

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It has been a difficult year, but the sales industry has reacted and adapted to cope with the challenges it has faced. 

Our list of recent sales statistics and interesting facts from original sources will help sales professionals better understand the impact of these challenges and how they can work to improve their sales processes and techniques and close more deals.

Read our list of the 55 essential sales statistics for salespeople in 2020 below to see what buyers want from salespeople, how sales professionals organize their day, how the industry has changed in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

 - Sales statistics on the activities that make up a salesperson’s day (1-9)

 - How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected sales (10-22)

 - Sales statistics on perceptions and aspirations in the sales industry (23-30)

 - Sales stats that reveal the challenges of lead generation and technology adoption (31-42)

 - Sales statistics on what buyers want from salespeople and businesses (43-55)