What do you think makes a high-quality sales funnel?

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A working sales funnel is the most crucial element to the sales process. It is frequently cited as one of the top priorities for any sales team, and yet, astonishingly, 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure a sales funnel.  

This might be because the sales funnel is not being understood to the level it should be by sales and marketing teams. But that is easily solved.

The best way to grasp the sales funnel concept is to visualize it. 


The sales funnel represents a customer journey, from awareness of your product or service to the purchasing of it. Each stage of the journey can be managed with numerous sales strategies, from effective content creation for social sharing at the discovery stage, to the use of FAQ pages, live demos and follow-ups to help customers make a final purchasing decision. 

Depending on what you’re selling, your strategies will vary. And, as always, practise makes perfect. If you find that leads are dropping out of your funnel, it means there is most likely a problem with the funnel itself, not your product or customers. 

There is much debate amongst sales communities as to what makes a robust sales funnel.

What is your top tip on creating a robust and workable sales funnel?