[Survey] How should the ideal integration with Whatsapp work for you?

Kyrylo Taranenko_7583
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Hi people,

It's Kyrylo from TimelinesAI. We're working on providing better WA integration with PipeDrive.

Before starting developing features, we decided to ask the PipeDrive community first. This way we would understand how we can simplify your everyday work with Whatsapp.  The amount of interest and support has surprised us, thank you all! 

If you're interested to get the early access to our tool and share your requirements and ideas, please fill this Google Form:


Everyone who fills it will get exclusive early access to our Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration. You also get a chance to shape the ideal tool to simplify your work life!

Feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions or suggestions!



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