Which sales tactics is your team using?

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Using the best sales tactics for your business is key to closing deals and filling your sales pipeline. Instead of blasting sales-y pitches in hopes of finding a lead, you should focus on engaging prospects in personalized sales conversations that are meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Some powerful modern sales tactics that will help your team better qualify prospects, nurture leads more effectively and close more deals include:

  • Listening to solve a problem
  • Warming up your sales calls and emails
  • Using social media to find leads
  • Asking for referrals
  • Creating sales enablement content
  • Auditing client conversations
  • Offering upgrade incentives to existing customers
  • Learning new things
  • Following up with each prospect
  • Keeping in touch with past clients
  • Investing in automation tools

As there’s no one size fits all solution, some tactics may be more useful to your business than others.

What sales tactics do you find most effective for nurturing leads and closing deals?