Notes should be counted as an Activity

Dave Mathias
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Not sure if I am missing this but it doesn't seem like I can do any workflow automation based off of a Note being created in Pipedrive for a person. It should be counted as an Activity like anything else and then can be used in filtering and also workflow automation. The use case for example if I send a note to someone on LinkedIn and record this in the Notes field it should be counted as an Activity. 

If I missing this and it can be done then please point me in right direction. Thanks.

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  • Ron_60795
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    2nd use case. When making calls to clients in Kixie, you are prompted to record the outcome of the call unfortunately the outcome shows up in Pipedrive as a note and therefor can not be used as a filter parameter. This essentially renders this data useless. If this recorded data could be filtered it could be gold.