Notes should be counted as an Activity

Dave Mathias
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Not sure if I am missing this but it doesn't seem like I can do any workflow automation based off of a Note being created in Pipedrive for a person. It should be counted as an Activity like anything else and then can be used in filtering and also workflow automation. The use case for example if I send a note to someone on LinkedIn and record this in the Notes field it should be counted as an Activity. 

If I missing this and it can be done then please point me in right direction. Thanks.

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  • Ron_60795
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    2nd use case. When making calls to clients in Kixie, you are prompted to record the outcome of the call unfortunately the outcome shows up in Pipedrive as a note and therefor can not be used as a filter parameter. This essentially renders this data useless. If this recorded data could be filtered it could be gold. 

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    In our sales team, we are not using Activities. Unfortunately, the whole performance reporting is based around Activities or Closed deals. For us, the measurement of work is the number of Notes.

    There is one report counting Notes, but it is only counting Notes when written to a Person. We write Notes to Deals. There is no report available which would count Notes in Deals.

    We are unable to track who works how much.