Do small businesses really need a CRM? What’s your opinion?

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Sales reps only spend about 35% of their time selling, according to a report by Forbes. The rest of their time goes to admin tasks, meeting preparation and research. 

Managing multiple spreadsheets, emails and documents will definitely contribute to this wasted time.

A small business CRM tool can centralize these systems and drastically shorten these admin tasks, freeing up time for selling and meeting sales goals

As a sales manager, introducing new software or processes is always a challenge, no matter how beneficial it will be. A new tool brings a change of habits, which can, understandably, trigger some resistance.

Before making any changes to existing practices, it’s crucial to understand the benefits (and disadvantages) of a small business CRM. That way, you are prepared to communicate with your sales team and ready to answer any of their questions. 

The below comparison table shows some of the pros and cons for you to consider.


Do you think your small business needs a CRM? If you already have one, what have been the main benefits and challenges?