Create multiple deals from same quote to multiple customers.

Darrell Mathews
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I just sent the same quote to multiple customers and now have to track each customer in PD. Can I enter multiple customer names in the same new Deal so as to create multiple Deals, instead of having to create a new Deal for each customer that I sent the identical quote price to?


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    Hi there

    An automation via Zapier or Integromat can do that easily.

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    Hi @Darrell Mathews !

    Adding multiple contacts to the same deal will not create other deals, but there's a couple other ways you can do this using Pipedrive's own features:

    Keep in mind, though, that these operations will not copy files, notes or activities from the original deal to the duplicated one.

    A third alternative that might give you more options is using one of the integration tools from our marketplace, like @John Williams suggested, as they often allow you to create automations outside of the scope of our native automation feature. I did a quick search for you, take a look here.

    You might also be interested to know that we're working on our own native document-generating feature (quotes, contracts, etc), which we're beta-testing right now. If you'd like to test it too, apply here