Imported leads spreadsheet not found anywhere

Daniel Bowles
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Imported spreadsheet. Can't find leads in system. No skip files. I don't understand what happened


  • Danny Wilson
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    It could take up to 5-10 minutes for the import to complete, depending on how large the uploaded file is. 

    Has it been more than 10 minutes already?

  • Daniel Bowles
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    It has been plenty more than 10.

    Found them in my contacts but in spreadsheet format. Only 60 leads imported from excel sheet.


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Check the filters on the page

  • Freddie Sexton
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    It has been plenty more than 10.

    Found them in my contacts but in spreadsheet format. Only 60 leads imported from excel sheet.


    What do you mean spreadsheet format? How many leads are missing?

  • Mark Nielsen
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    I was just doing some first time imports of leads yesterday and used the example ss for my tests. I ran into 3 issues before getting it figured out. 1st issue was... when you select "import leads" from the green button on the leads view, this is very misleading because it takes you to the import page where you can import data into a variety of different objects including people, organization, deals, activities, leads, etc. This is ok but it defaults to sending the import data into persons and not leads. So the misleading part is that the original button i clicked to get into importing said "import leads" and it wasn't obvious at first that I needed to flip all the fields over to leads before running the test. Fortunately there is an option to "revert" the import and undo it all. But the 2nd issue caused more confusion in that the new data didn't show up immediately and it didn't tell me to wait. The impression I had is that the imported data would be added just as if I had created manually and I expected it to appear fairly quickly.  I ended up searching and playing with filters to try to find it - nowhere to be found. It wasn't until I had almost given up that the records appeared. 3rd issue was specific to importing leads in that the new lead wants both a Name and Title field to be populated. The sample ss they provide only has 1 name field so it's not possible to direct it to 2 different lead fields. I suppose the solution is to build out your ss in excel with formulas to create the appropriate title and name values.  This is perfectly find solution but the awkward thing was I was using the provided example ss for testing so I expected it to have a reasonable set of fields to test with. It appears this example file was created before the leads feature was added and it is more appropriate for testing the imports to person and other objects. So in the end I was able to do what was needed but it wasn't so smooth sailing. Hope this helps others.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Daniel Bowles , I'm sorry to hear you were having trouble with this.

    Take a look at @Mark Nielsen 's tips above (also check if you don't have a filter active) and if you still need help reach out to our Support team, who will walk you through it. Thank you!