What is the optimal level of sales reporting to give you a comprehensive view of your company’s stra

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Sales reporting is fundamental to the sales process but often overlooked or used ineffectively. 

When implemented thoughtfully, sales reports help align the goals of your sales team, aid transparency, encourage teamwork and produce more accurate sales forecasts.

The positive impact of sales reporting is clear: companies that are likely to achieve or exceed revenue goals have 2.3x higher levels of sales and marketing alignment. And research from Gallup notes that employee engagement is tied directly to how well sales managers develop their workers.

In a day and age where only half of sales reps are actually meeting their quotas, the importance of sales reporting cannot be understated.

A popular reporting method is a weekly sales report. You can find a template for this report here. A weekly sales report template primarily looks at individual reps’ actions and performance. Similarly, you can also implement a monthly and quarterly sales report which gives you big-picture trends and a view of the overall health of your funnel and revenue.

How has sales reporting caused your business to increase revenue?