How do you plan to support your sales team during this health crisis?

Mike van der Valk
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A major health crisis, such as COVID-19, will inevitably change the way we all work. Not only does your team need to stay safe (e.g. by working remotely), but they need to adapt sales messaging to reassure customers too. 

As you help your team adjust to a new reality, no matter how temporary it may be, you must also do the same for your customers. The best philosophy to adopt? Serve first, then sell.

Yes, it’s important to continue closing deals. But there should also be a focus on helping customers and prospects that are facing new uncertainties in their lives.

As a sales manager, not only do you need to ensure the well-being of your team, but guide them in changes to their messaging. 

For example, it’s wise to pause your cold email initiatives as a crisis breaks out. Standard messaging may seem tactless during this crisis. Instead, you might take this time to rework and re-frame your messaging to align with your customer’s most urgent needs. As people adjust, and guidelines change, your messaging may adapt again.  

Ultimately, there are many different considerations that need to be made by sales managers right now, from safeguarding staff to avoiding pipeline decay.

What is your plan to help lead your sales team through the COVID-19 crisis?