Can we get a Google Meet integration?



  • Vincent Jyrwa
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    Hello @Vincent Jyrwa 

    I would like to sync my google agenda with Pipedrive and not with Microsoft teams. Thank you for your help! 


    Hi @Sarah de Fauconval  That is possible. You can sync your Google calendar with Pipedrive. You can find more information about this at our knowledge base article -> 

  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hi @Vincent Jyrwa ,

    I just want to add a new update on this feature Google meet x Pipedrive.

    Once this invitation has been sent, it will be good that the invitation that the leads receive is the same than an invitation sent through Google agenda itself.

    Actually, this is the email that the lead receives :

    And when it sent from Google itslef :

    He has the possibility to accept it or not and it's already integrated into the agenda. With Pipedrive the leads has to select "add to the agenda" to do it.

    And last but not least, the sales person can't see if the leads have accepted the invitation...