What does a Customer Success Manager do and why should you hire one?

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A business can benefit from a Customer Success Manager in several ways: 

- Expanding revenue 
- Preserving revenue 
- New sources of revenue 
- Research and development

In fact, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.

“In the oversaturated SaaS market, where it is inexpensive to create and maintain a product and customers enter at a low cost of entry for only a month-at-a-time commitment, the Customer Success Manager dictates whether every dollar stays and grows or leaves and dies,” explains Jeff Heckler, Customer Success Team Lead at Pipedrive.

If your customer service manager is doing their job well, they will be creating loyal, long-term customers instead of one-time buyers. Therefore, it’s important that your CSM keeps track of all contract expiration and renewal dates and follows up with customers for repeat business.

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What main benefit would a customer success manager bring to your business?

Find out how a customer success manager can benefit your business and how you can hire one.


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    Good food for thought, thanks for sharing this. As a smaller company, we'll need to make sure that these "other duties as assigned" are on the radar of the appropriate resources who have touch points with our clients.

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    Hello - We have a Sales Operations Manager.   JC fulfills several hats.   One of them being a  Customer Success Manager.  So he will interchange his email signature pending what our strategy is.  But, none the less, we are all Customer Success Managers.