Anyone have experience importing several thousand "normalized" contacts from spreadsheet into PipeDr

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Long story but I started using PipeDrive by importing my contacts (roughly 5000) via the PipeDrive iOS app.  I've now realized that my contact info there had a lot of problems and the one-way only sync with iCloud is not going to work for me long term.  I've decided to sync G Suite and PipeDrive from this point forward but need to get the normalized data into one or the other before setting up the sync.  Because I already have deals and activities in PipeDrive, I  am assuming that I'll have to merge the new contact data with the old so I don't lose any history.  So, here's the question:  Am I better off importing the contacts into Google then syncing with PipeDrive OR importing to PipeDrive then syncing with Google?  (I'd prefer to import into Google if possible because I already have the columns correctly mapped for Google.)


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    Hi @Corby Hicks 

    One thing that might work is actually what I use to keep my data in sync. I've set up an Apple ID using a Google address. This way actually when I sync my Google address to Pipedrive everything on Pipedrive, Google and Apple is in sync.

    Other then that from a technical perspective it wouldn't really matter where you first sync the contacts to. As long as you understand how Pipedrive checks duplicates. Also be sure when you're potentially setting up things, prepping it and potentially removing data you do this without a sync active to avoid anything messing up on both sides 

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