Possible to add a column for "Last Activity Subject" in Person, Org or Deal list views?

Minwoo Kwon
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Title says it all.

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Minwoo Kwon , thank you for your feedback!

    At the moment this is not possible and as far as I'm aware it's not in our immediate plans. Unfortunately with many customers and requests and with limited development resources we need to prioritise and make choices what to deliver first. We will make sure however our team will consider your suggestion but we can never make any promises.

    In the meantime, an alternative is to use the Activity List View, have the Subject, Due Date and Person columns visible, and ordering the results by Person. That way you can see the subject of all activities, in chronological order, for each Person.

    Hope that helps! 🚀

  • Johannes Bubenzer
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    Would be great to have any kind of way to include Activity.Subjects into Deal Filter Lists.

    I know that many users keep an extra field "next activity" for this kind of information. But this is duplicate work...

  • This can be easily done using automation with tools like Make/Integromat.