How do you check contact & organization social media activity and news?

David Koosis
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I often do a scan of a contact and/or organization's social media activity and recent news prior to a call.

It's a slow manual process, even though I have I have social media connections with most of my contacts. 

Is there a tool or add-on I could use to bring together  LinkedIn/twitter/facebook/instagram etc activity as well as news/releases in one dashboard?  So that when I bring up a contact or organization I can quickly scan?



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @David Koosis 

    Interesting question! Giving this post a boost to get some responses. @Justin Stephens you as prospecting master, have you heard of tools that do this?

  • Justin Stephens
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    Its a great question - I focus on B2B sales and I always check linkedin, and you can use sales navigator to make it easy to get notified any time they do anything. I don't personally worry about the other social channels, but my idea clients aren't on social much. 

    I am targetting maintenance, engineering, and plant managers that are on the floor of the plant most of the time.

    Hope this helps!

  • Renat Gabitov
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    Having embedded social media feeds inside Pipedrive organizations would be really awesome. 

    There is this automation to lookup org and people's LinkedIn profiles faster.


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