3 ways to deal with 'I am not the right person' sales call objections

Shobhit Gaur
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Here are 3 smart ways to turn that line into a meeting, shared by the sales expert extraordinaire Becc Holland. (bonus pointer in comments).

Method 1 - Ask for a piece of advice from them
“Hey Elon, I am Tim from Outplay, I want to pitch our sales engagement tool to Tesla.  Who do you think is the right person to reach out to”

Method 2 - Reach out to them with a referral
“Reason for my outreach is, Elon sent me along your way”

Method 3 - Fall on your sword + a different customized pitch
“Looking at your response, I admit my previous pitch has not been compelling enough for you. With your permission I’d like to give it another shot, to earn your time.”

Method 4 - Give an update to the person you asked for advice in method 1
“Hey the person you referred to me was not the right person, what should I do?”

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