Quote/estimate in foreign currency.

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My company is located in Canada and we carry a vehicle that is priced in USD. I am looking for help to include in my quote that will protect me should the USD change dramatically. I am looking to protect both the company and our clients.


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    Hi @Daryl Adams , thank you for your question, the community is definitely the place for questions like this!

    I have taken the liberty to add some more tags to your post to increase its visibility to more community members, and also pinned it to the main feed for a couple of days.

    In the meantime, I think we might have some experienced users who can probably give you some tips: @Bernd Auer , @Boris Tsibelman  what's your advice for this type of situation?

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    Hi Daryl,

    Not sure if I understand your question correctly. You send a quotation which should not bind you anymore, if the USD looses it's worth compared to Canadian Dollars? 

    You could have a sentence in your terms which says: "The price is based on xxx Canadian Dollars. It can variate according to the exchange rates of the date of acceptance."

    Not sure if my german English sound legally correct, but you get what I mean, right?

    Alternatively I would limit the time to accept drastically "this offer is valid until: 3 days later."

    Are you asking because you are afraid of the effects of the election? :)