Configurable Deal Cards??



  • Andre Vill
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    Hi Abigail

    Seen a lot of these suggestions, I really hope this is something that will be worked on soon.

  • Theo Schroen
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    Also here, would be awesome!!

  • Laurent Gaulhiac
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    Definitely needed.

    I am a freelancer working for webagencies that have regular clients. For each deal I have a custom field "website" so I know for which one of their client the mission is (all my deals are "for" the agency, as I bill them, not their clients).

    I already have filters for every clients but it will be super useful to be able to see directly the custom fields on the cards in the pipeline view.

    I see some customization is comming for the "Project" feature where we can choose which field to display on each card. It will be great to have the same thing for Deals cards too.

  • Ronnie Schele
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    I would also be happy to have the possibility to customize the info on the deal card as well as to give them a background colour.

  • Brad Lynch
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    This configuration on the cards would also be great on the forecasting view which is arranged by date. Even though it is arranged by date, you can't actually see the date you have organized it by. (the deal due date is in the week October 19-25 but I can't see what specific day unless I click into the deal) 

    Any update on this feature from 2 years ago??

  • Michael Fisk
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    100% this is so needed. When we're working on deals, we are mostly working with peoples names, not deal name. So being able to add the customers name to the deal card would be so helpful! Kind of blown away this doesn't exist.

  • Jake Kushner
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    +1 to wanting this. Is there any way to vote on features in this new Community?

  • Any updates on this? Hubspot has this in the free plan. It is very useful for card view to customize the info we want to see in a glance.

  • Brad Cohen
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    I would really like to be able to add some info to the deal cards in the pipeline. Owner and some other custom fields we have. This would help navigate the screen quicker when looking from a high level.

  • myoung
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    We also would really like to see this.

    Any updates on a timeline?

  • Ryan818
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    This would be incredibly powerful! At the very least seeing Next Activity and Expected Closed Date on the card would give immediate context to where the deals at.

  • Harvey G
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    Love to see this. Not sure why its so hard? Even if it is limited to x amount of data. Color coding would be awesome as well.

  • Alex Rackwitz
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    We need this too....want to see deal probabilities on the cards.

    Disappointing how many idea requests, with lots of customer backing, just lay dormant in these forums for years. This is the 3rd time we really needed a feature and I see we've been waiting for 3-4 years and no news.

    @Mike van der Valk

  • Amit Sarda (
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    This is coming soon among many other features.

  • yefpie
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    Any news on this? Would be awesome if the pipeline cards can be customized

  • Janika Ahrenberg
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    Fully agree with all comments above. Please add possibility to include basic fields and custom fields to deal cards.

  • Nils Norfors
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    Bumping this one, expected close date on deal card would be amazing. For renewals and all kinds of known deals that should happen in the future it's really important

  • Charlie Lehmann
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    +1 - looking to resurrect this discussion. I am on a trail and this would be a game changes (like others have said).

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, this feature is out now! You can find the announcement here.