The first 10 seconds make/break your cold call, what do you say? 🤔

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On a good day, you get 10 seconds entry window when you are pitching for a cold call and that time window is even shorter - you get 5 seconds with your prospect.

At times like these, a lot of sales rep spout their rehearsed script off to the prospect which is full of buzzwords and extraordinary ROI of the tools/services they are pitching. 

But Belal Batrawy, who has a habit of destroying sales fluff says this approach does not work anymore. Why? He says the pitch above focuses on the greatness of the pitched product versus making it all about the prospect.

In those few seconds, two things need to come across - 

  • You know the world of your prospect
  • You know either the challenges or frustrations of your prospect

For example -

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