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Georg Wässa
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Hello developers,

most of our emails need an attachment like an infomemo or a NDA. We use the same email template but different attachments. Therefore it is not possible to integrate the attachment in the email template.

Unfortunately sometimes we forget the attachment and send the email naked. So it would be great to have something like a checkbox in the template designer that there would be a warning if you send your mail without an attachment (like it warns you when you send an email without a subject).

My workaround is  "ATTACHMENT" in big red letters in the template that you have to delete by hand. 

As you can see this is neither smart nor beautiful ;-)


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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    It might be good to look at a tool to generate the documents & send them for you through Pipedrive.

    This way it always sends that attachment, plus the user has an easier way to sign it. 

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Georg Wässa !

    If you use always the same set of attachments with the same type of email body, a good solution is to turn those variations into email templates.

    • email body A + attachments 1 and 2
    • email body A + attachments 3 and 4
    • email body B + attachments 1 and 2
    • email body B + attachments 3 and 4
    • ...and so on.

    An other option is to use the Sales Documents feature, where you can create document templates that are populated with your Pipedrive data, without leaving Pipedrive and send them to your customers. Learn all about it:

    Hope that makes your life easier!

  • Umaya
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    Hi pipedrive team,

    I'm also using templates and attachement with automatic email generation. 

    the template is common to all leads and calle "quote template", the attachement name is common too, called "Quote" and is a document attached to the lead. 

    2 questions :

    1. is it possible to create a template email that automatically attach a document previously added to the lead (the one called "quote") ?
    2. is it possible to add a condition to the automatic email generation, if the lead does not have a document (called "quote" here) then the email is not generated.