Auto re-assign activities when a deal is re-assigned?

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hi there, 

We have setup a situation that our office managers re-assign incoming deals to our account managers. 
For every deal we have a set of standard automated tasks that are created. 
By default new deals and the underlying auto-generated tasks are assigned to the office manager.

Question: is there a way to automatically re-assign the tasks/activities as soon as the deal is re-assigned? Currently we notice that whenever an office manager re-assigns a deal, the underlying activities remain linked to the office manager instead of transferring to the assigned account mgr. 

Would save us some time if someone would know a way to do this? Have been looking in Automation section and Zapier, but did not find a solution. Anyone can help? 


Thanks in advance.



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    A simpler solution would be to create these activities after the deal has been reassigned.

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    Hi @Michiel Van Hove !

    Following up to @Amit Sarda 's suggestion above, one way to put it into practice is to slightly alter your flow: have an automation that assigns the deals to the office managers and another one that creates the activities in the deals once the deals have been assigned to someone else.


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