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Sam Musins
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It would be good to see a total duration of completed activities easily on each deal page.  In order for me to track the amount of effort that is spent on an individual deal I have to currently pull all activities out in a .csv and total up in Excel.  We are keen to be able to see how much time is being spent on deals that aren't really progressing.  Currently in the GUI we can just see how long a deal has been open for and how long at each stage, but we are more interested in total amount of effort per deal and would like to be able to see this easily in the web app.

Apologies if this has already been requested but I couldn't find it.


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Sam Musins 

    Great suggestion, I'll pass this along to our team. We currently unfortunately don't support reporting on that. I'll make sure the team sees your suggestion!

  • Jazmin Poyser
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    Following up on this and seeing if there was a response as we are also trying to interrogate how long Activities take to complete, and bringing in Clockify integration and adding another thing users have to remember to click and do isn't ideal.

    I see a duration is tracked when the start and end time is populated in an Activity. We rarely use this as Activities are auto-created when a Deal changes stage, and are also now templatised in a Projects checklist... populating a start and end time in the Project template's Activities doesn't work when you go to duplicate from template when creating a new Project. 

    Can anyone out there assist with tracking duration of Activities?