Real Estate Add-ons for Pipedrive coming!

Hi happy Pipedrives,

Dominique here from Belgium! Yes we have been a little bit under the radar but we are deeply grinding on some new 'Real Estate' add-ons as an 3th party integrator on Pipedrive. 

  • Home valuation automation
  • Create e-sign documents
  • Create brochures from your listings on auto-pilot
  • Publish to Facebook / Instagram shops (listing/products)
  • create automated links from every property and add them to your website with a coowl video chat.
  • ....

We have built flows for sales, rentals, and new build projects and now looking for Pipedrive partners to help ressel our products and strategies.  

If you are a real estate business owner then please contact us and become the first 3.0 next gen real estate agency.