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Sascha Ungewiss
Sascha Ungewiss Member Posts: 1

I organize my workflow by creating a tasks (e.g call Brian) with a specific date and time. I mark it as completed which is a very lovely feature. However, if I complete that task early it will still show up in my calendar and "blocks" that time slot. I don't want to delete it since I need the history. Any ideas? 

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  • Paul Minors
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    Before you mark it as complete, could you remove the due TIME? That way, it'll show as an all-day event/task rather than being due at a specific time and taking up availability.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Sascha Ungewiss thanks for sharing. I understand the pain. For now only manually indeed as Paul suggested either remove the time/date or perhaps move it to the time you are at before moving it as done. Nonetheless, I've added the "feedback" tag to your post and passed it on to our team.

  • Ronald_van_Esch_SociaalPlus

    Is there a possibility to sync a task " as a task" in calendar. So with a possibility to mark it done?