How to ADD a team member to a scheduled meeting

Jenna Cloughley
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I have set up my calendar and scheduler so that my members can book time with me, however, I need to add another teammate to every meeting booked with me as we do them together.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use workflows to add another person to this calendar invite OR automatically send the same invite to them?

Using the scheduling tool MeetingBird (soon to be Front) they have the option to add additional guests, which is how I can CC my colleagues - but scheduler does not.


What can I set up in order to automatically add my colleague (who is also a pipedrive user) to my bookings??



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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jenna Cloughley 

    Thanks for writing and great suggestion! I've added the feedback tag to your post so that our team sees your comment. Unfortunately, Pipedrive is currently designed to have only one user assigned per activity and not multiple so it's currently only possible to in your external calendar add your colleague to it.

    As mentioned I'll make sure our team sees your suggestion for future improvements, thanks for sharing!

  • Karel Dhoore
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    I would like to express my support for this addition!

  • Vanessa Warheit_60481
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    I'm gonna add my request to Jenna's for including more than one team member in a meeting -- we often have multiple team members (all Pipedrive users) attend meetings, and it's important to keep track of who was in which meeting. Thanks!

  • FilippoS
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    this would indeed be very helpful, has there been any update? thanks!

  • Jeff Matte
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    It would be really great to be able to have a link that takes 2 calendars and share only the mutual availability. For example, I wanna make sure my CRO is able to jump on all calls that I book.

    Now I have to manually block his busy time slots in my calendar.

  • Ben Swan
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    It's 2024, how is this still not a feature? How can Pipedrive possibly think that people never hold meetings with their team members? Come on.