Filtering 'Done' Activities by Activity Type

Gianluca Vandenberg
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When you try to find an activty in the "done" section of a deal or organization, you can only select all activities which can be a lot. The suggestion: to add some kind of drop down bar to let you pick a certain activity type. 

Why: We want to log our comprehensive meeting notes in pipedrive, but with so many activities going on in between them, it gets to clutterd to find them back in an organized fashion. 

Also, it would be convenient to quicly see the amount of call attempts or see what email activities have been completed.


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Gianluca Vandenberg great feedback, I'll pass it on to our team! For now the best workaround is to go to the activity list view and from there apply a filter to find these activities for specific users or types of activities.

  • Haneul Kim(김하늘)
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    Hi @Mike van der Valk
    Is there any update for this feedback. If so, Which web page can I look for this update?