The art of turning a sales objection into a booked meeting 😎

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Good objection handling is something of a must-have in sales, where you face objections and rejections every day.

Too many sales folks give up after their first rejection, do not do that.

First, identify whether it is a real objection or is it just a reflex response or is it the dreaded brushoff.

When you research your ideal customer profile and contact them, the chances of you having a solution to your prospect’s real objections shoot up!

Your goal is to find out the real objection even if you hear a big fat NO. This helps you followup when the time is right!

It gets trickier to find out the real objection when you encounter a brushoff, where your prospect just wants to get rid of you.

Here is David, an expert sales leader sharing tips and fundamentals on dealing with NO.
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