5 metrics that will help sales managers make better decisions

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Average Sales Cycle

This will show you what’s the time taken for the deals to complete and will give you an idea of whether your sales team is slacking or cruising in terms of closing deals.

Average Sales Price

Using this metric, you can negotiate confidently with customers or even try to capture more revenue by upselling.

Number of Deals

Gives you a rough idea, whether your business gets a lot of clients or fewer clients. In case you get fewer clients, the risk of churn might be so high that it can keep you up at night.

Pipeline stage time

This basically shows how much avg time deals spend in each stage of the sales cycle. For example, if you see most of your deals spend the majority of time in the demo stage, you might want to introduce some new techniques/strategies for your sales team to make your prospects move to the next stage much quicker.

Prospect industry in Pipeline

This will tell you which industry stands out amongst all your prospects, so you can target them with a customized approach.


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    When do you create a deal? When do you start to prospect or after you make contact and start traction with a person or organization?

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