💥 2 guaranteed ways to generate more leads! 🔥

Shobhit Gaur
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⚡ Write/Record useful content for your target users


There is no better way to generate quality leads for next to no cost at all if you can generate posts or videos or podcasts that help your target audience solve problems they go through in their work/life.

A good example of it is Jeb Blount, who makes my favorite podcast Sales Gravy, which shares extremely practical tips for salespeople. Companies hire him to coach, conduct seminars and professionals buy his books after discovering him through his podcasts


Pro tip: Always make sure to distribute the content you make on platforms where your users spend time. LinkedIn can be a perfect platform for B2B content distribution while Twitter might be great for B2C distribution.

Run ads


Another great way to make sure you get great qualified leads is by running ads on blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and videos that your target audience consumes. You can also run ads digitally on platforms your target customers use more.

For example, the travel industry makes sure to advertise on google because their customers search a lot of queries, while fashion e-commerce brands advertise on Instagram, where a lot of their customers browse through pictures.