Have you been underestimating Linkedin for selling?

Shobhit Gaur
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I will tell you 3 different ways to use Linkedin to sell better -

1 Get high-quality leads

Linkedin attracts 675 million professional people from all over the world. So, if you want to collect verified lead data for B2B business’s look no further than this platform! The easiest way to collect leads is by using Linkedin Sales Navigator, here is how it works.

Let's imagine you run a company providing security to corporate leaders in London. By using LSN, you can find all the people that match your criteria - living in london, designation CEO, CTO, CMO, company size more than 5000. And reach out to them on Linkedin through Inmail. Sales Navigator Pro plan costs 79.99$ per month.

2 Sell socially by building a relationship with your audience

People buy products or services from companies that they trust. in order to build trust, you can share tips that are useful to your customers from your personal/company Linkedin page.

 At Outplay, our customers are sales professionals who enjoy learning actionable sales tips, so we publish video interviews with sales experts, where they spill their secrets -



3 Incorporating Linkedin in our actual sales sequences

Gone are the days where you could crack deals from cold email campaigns, our sales teams uses the multi-channel outreach feature by Outplay to get in touch with prospects on email, call, linkedin, sms, voicemail, and more.


And the results speak for themselves. The sequence you see above has 80% open rate!

By the way, Outplay is the highest rated app for multi-channel sales outreach app on Pipedrive Marketplace. You can try it out for free!



  • Antonio Specchia | easyCRM
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    Honestly I think we OVERESTIMATED it.

    We all did it. Today Linkedin is a place where everyone want to sell. It became a place where people push for sales more than anything else. 

    And when a place becomes overwhelmed by trader, then buyers shrink.

    My two cents.