Pipedrive Named Best Real Estate CRM Software of 2021 🏆

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Pipedrive was ranked among the most proficient solutions for managing clients and tracking sales activities in the real estate market.

Digital.com, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named Pipedrive among the best real estate CRM software of 2021. The top solutions were evaluated based on core features and customer feedback

“Being ranked as one of the best real estate CRMs validates Pipedrive’s efforts to build a first-class product that customers like and actually find useful,” said Raj Sabhlok, CEO, Pipedrive. ”Pipedrive follows the workflow of real estate agents, managing the sales pipeline from listing to leads to closing. A significant number of real estate companies already benefit from Pipedrive’s easy to use, intuitive and highly automated CRM to organize all of their sales activities and make sure that their agents have the market and clients at their fingertips, helping them to meet or exceed their quotas.”


If you voted for us, thank you! 🙌 If you're wondering how Pipedrive could work for you, start a free trial here.

Read the full press release here.



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    We are a professional company based in Belgium that has set up an entire automation workflow for Real Estate. We give free consultations as a service solution provider partner of Pipedrive.

    We have created a database that synchronizes with Pipedrive to manage al your data. We push it to several workflows into Pipedrive and other systems.

    We collect data from:

    • Lead platforms (seller leads)
    • Social media platforms (seller & buyer leads)
    • Your personal real estate website (incoming data: buyer & seller leads)
    • Real estate platform requests visits (incoming data: buyer & seller leads)

    We push data to following flows in Pipedrive:

    • Follow-up flow
    • Prospection flow
    • Home valuation flow
    • Preparation (marketing) flow
    • Visits for sale
    • Visits for rental
    • Visits for Newbuild
    • Billing workflow
    • Or custom flows

    We connect data with:

    • Your preferred billing system
    • Your CRM to manage your properties ( you don't need to work with a CRM)
    • Email marketing software to trigger flows
    • One-time emails for follow-up notifications before and after appointments

    We can always do a free online call to see how we can help you. Visit our website www.amai.immo or book a free call true this link: https://calendly.com/future-marketing-agency/online-meeting-001