Are your cold emails are getting caught as spam? Here is a solution!

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The most common reason for your emails getting marked spam is this -

When people to whom you are sending these emails, mark your email as spam

You are a tea seller who is doing cold email outreach, you reach out to everyone in your city where a group of passionate tea haters also live. Once this email reaches out to them, they start marking your email as spam. This is what happens when a salesperson adopts the spray and pray method when they use email outreach.

Always send your emails to your target audience only, to avoid this scenario. There are tools in the market like Linkedin Sales Navigator, where you can apply filters like city name, designations, industry to find out who your target audience is.

Once you do this, make sure your email copy engages your target audience and makes them want to make the conversation forward. One of the quickest ways to do it at scale is through the smart personalization that Outplay provides.

Avoid these common mistakes as well -

  • Make sure you are not sending emails from a platform with a poor domain reputation.
  • Always track your metrics like deliverability, and bounce rates (Outplay does that for you, by default) so when you see the bounce rates going up, you can take immediate action.
  • Limit the number of emails you send every day.

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