What's on the roadmap for eSignatures?

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Hi Community,

We've been working on trying to automate our Quoting > eSignature > Invoicing process.  Most recently, we had tried to do the first two using PandaDoc but it doesn't allow for the Pricing/Product table from an opportunity to pull through in a way we'd like.  

We realised yesterday that Sales Documents now allows you to pull Product Category, Description and Variation into a table on a quote template (which I didn't think you could originally?).  We've not got a great template, that allows us to create a quote from a deal in a couple of clicks.

The next phase is to figure out the simplest way to send for eSignature.  Ideally, we want to do this from within Pipedrive as much as possible (and not to go into say, DocuSign, upload the quote each time and then send).  We have 4-5 fields that the signer needs to complete (Signature, Name, PO Reference, E-Mail address to send the invoice too and a Y/N checkbox asking if we can use the same PO for multiple years).

Because of this, the beta eSignatures capability doesn't work for us so keen to hear:

  • What's on the roadmap for eSignatures and any approx timeframes (I know these can be a moving target)
  • What are other fellow Pipedrive users using in the meantime and how you're doing it


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