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Philipp Riederle
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we are considering migrating from Marketcircle Daylite to Pipedrive. However, Daylite seems to be only rarely used and no migration services support this software. As I am/we are proficient in IT/Data topics, our plan would be to do the migration just in-house. 

Daylite provides full CSV exports for all data objects stored in their database. We consider using Pipedrives (btw excellent!) important function.  With some data preparation procedures I think we can nearly completely import most data objects and field to Pipedrive - awesome!

However, there are some crucial fields missing to import. Do you have any ideas or experiences, to also import those datapoints? Maybe via the Crunchbase API? Or any other idea? 

  • Importing E-Mails: In Daylite, also Mails were linked to deals. I'd like to also import them zu Pipedrive. But: No E-Mail Import. Any Idea to get them bulk imported? Our idea would be at the moment to convert all emails from html to plain-text and then import those mails as notes.
  • Importing Notes:  The Pipedrive import does not let you assign the "note created by" field. Any idea how to solve this?


Are there any other best practices and expieriences here on manual migration procedures to Pipedrive? Or even a former Daylite user?


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    Hi @Philipp Riederle 

    You could always try to reach out to the guys at Import2:

    Occasionally they've done some migrations already but are not promoting the platform. Or they can still help you with any spreadsheet.

    Otherwise using the API is also an option.. good luck!