Best customer support integration for handling B2C and B2B web traffic between Shopify+ and Pipedriv

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We are trying to devise a solution for our site which is currently carrying equal B2C/B2B traffic . Our site runs off of Shopify+ and we are looking for a better integration between customer support app / pipedrive / shopify  so that we can automatically funnel specific customer requests / new business inquiries into the right reps funnels and support apps automatically . 

Pipedrive is great for B2B sales but general customer service tickets and order status update requests gum up sales reps funnels.  We are looking for a better integration to parse out the B2C ticket requests from the B2B sales leads. We are currently working with Gorgias on Shopify which has great built-in functionalities for that site but non-existent plug-ins for Pipedrive and therefore we are managing tickets both in Pipedrive and simultaneously, its a mish-mash 

Has anyone used any customer support apps that work well across pipedrive and shopify? Need to find a better way to delineate leads / and handle service tickets 

any thoughts or recommendations greatly appreciated! 


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Zendesk would work well for this use case.


    You can add plugins to zendesk to see both Shopify & pipedrive data. 

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    Would it work to make a 'Customer Service' pipeline in addition to your 'Sales' pipeline and just put customer service related deals in the appropriate pipeline?