What is the secret to a winning sales pitch?

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Every salesperson conducts a sales pitch differently and there are many different sales methodologies that can be used to pitch a product or service, from consultative selling to storytelling. 

The approach you use should be customized to the type of pitch you’re conducting, and the people you’re targeting. Pitching can take many forms, such as cold calling, email outreach or elevator pitching (where you have 30 seconds or less to pitch your product - an approach that might be best suited to networking events). 

Some less experienced salespeople might believe that pitching is merely highlighting their favorite product or service features and using these to drive a sale. But the features loved by the sales rep are not necessarily meeting the needs of the prospect, and so a more refined approach is needed.  

Lewis Bruford, Sales Manager at haart said, “For me, pitching is all about relationships! Building trust and being honest. Rather than focus on the product, focus on how the product can help the end user”.

What are your top tips for delivering a winning sales pitch each time? Can you share some examples?



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    Could not have put it better myself. The approach has to be customised to the kind of pitch a sales rep wants to do. At Outplay, we have heard from our customers that  Multi-channel approach works for them really well.  

    The 'prospect need' focussed refinement that you speak about, is really the key between a mediocre pitch and a fantastic pitch.


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    Understand and narrow down your personalization is key.
    More than a right channel to approach (Email Call, Linkeidn), the research you do before you reach out to your prospect matters alot which helps you build some great conversations and reduce the sales cycle.

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