Add custom Activity "done" reasons

Alex Kaminski
Alex Kaminski Member Posts: 1

It would be extremely valuable if we could have custom Activity "done" reasons, just like we can add and customize Deal "lost" reasons. There is a ton of valuable insight we can gather by understanding why an activity was marked as "done". For example, was a scheduled meeting cancelled, a no-show or successful?

Getting a running total of these reasons could be tracked and measured with Insights.

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  • April Disher
    April Disher Member Posts: 1
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    This would be such a great feature!!

  • Dan Kaminski
    Dan Kaminski Member Posts: 1
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    Something similar to Pipdrive Calling would be great. After the activity completes being able to start gaining metrics on outcomes would be amazing!

  • Mike van der Valk
    Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Team Posts: 3,089 PIPEDRIVE TEAM
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    Hi @Alex Kaminski Thank you for sharing that feedback, I'll make sure it reaches the team working on activities in Pipedrive.

  • Craig O
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    This is *exactly* what I was about to post.  Currently I'm leaving no-show and cancelled activities marked as NOT done, just changing the subject prefix to "No Show:" to avoid polluting the done data (that I use for tracking against conversions), but this pollutes the UI instead (red rows everywhere).  My current work around is to use a custom filter to hide ones with subjects that start with "No Show" or "Cancelled" if that helps anyone.